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Journalism, Content Writing, Social Media, Research

Across print and digital, whether its website copy, blogs, brochure copy, or journalism, we can provide engaging and informative copy, backed up with images, infographics and videos. From simple briefs, we get the words right.

Social Channels

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter offer companies a huge amount of opportunities, yet exploiting their strengths requires experience, planning and know how. Social channels are key, so don’t waste them.


People are increasingly attracted to videos, but it can be far harder to convey a simple message in a video as there is so much distracting ‘noise.’ A corporate video needs to be succinct, powerful and direct.

Email Marketing

Properly targeted and conceived emails are a powerful tool for any company marketing department, but they can also ruin a company’s reputation in seconds. We prepare email campaigns that are individual, highly targeted and effective.

About Old School

Our content mantra: quality, relevant, original, engaging
Everything you need in terms of your content

The Old School Content Partnership is a digital content marketing agency specialising in providing English content for B2B companies based in Europe. We deliver varied content solutions for B2B clients. That might mean writing for websites, magazines, or brochures, or putting together a social media strategy for a company, creating an infographic, or filming a short video. We specialise in helping mainland European companies, especially those based in Spain in France, create their English marketing content. As distribution opportunities widen, content has become more important, and especially for B2B companies who must reach out to their customers and create a dialogue. And whilst it’s true that every company is nowadays a publisher, few are set up to actually follow through with all that’s required to deliver the full package. We act as a company’s publishing resource – advising on their content strategy and also, if needed, implementing the strategy.

  • Journalism

    Editor role, journalist role, PR liaison

  • Content writing

    Blogs, white papers, website text, SEO,

  • Social media

    Planning, implementation, all channels

  • Support marketing

    Research, video, infographics,

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